Yeah, I guess you could say I have begun nesting. I just got done cleaning the inside of the washing machine. The rubber part on the inside of the front loaders can get kind of gunky every once and a while. I like to hit it with a little bit o bleach every few months and give it a good wash down. 

Besides wanting to clean a little more often lately I have also been on a major organizing kick. Cleaning out and tidying up drawers, cleaning out the car, wiping down the interior of the fridge and organizing files and receipts.

I have also been on more of a “domestic” kick in the past two weeks. I’ve been on the lookout for new recipes, cooking more, and just focusing on my role as homemaker. I am pretty sure most all of this counts as some form of nesting. I don’t really remember nesting this early the last go round. Hopefully my nesting instinct lasts awhile because we’ve got four more months to go until baby g makes his arrival!