Saturday afternoon after our little road trip we came home and did a little re-arranging of the furniture. Hubs had done away with the desktop computer (THANK GOODNESS) the day before so we were just left with a few cords to deal with. I am excited to say we are a laptop only family with wireless everything. SO EXCITING!! Anyhoo somehow we ended up deciding to just go ahead and move the desk so little man would stop playing with the few cords we still had for the lamp and whatever else we had plugged in. We ended up moving the desk out into the sunroom. Now it is a sunroom, home gym, office, and the dog’s hangout area. I feel like we are utilizing the space better now. 



And then we moved little dudes play table to where the desk originally was to create a little play area.


And if you are even still reading this o’ so exciting post…..

After all the re-arranging, Hubs got the hankering to ignite the old wood burning stove for the first time. Well the first time for us anyways. That little bad boy sure can put out the heat!


And thus we ended our day sweating because technically it was not really quite cold enough outside to need a fire. But it was fun none the less. 🙂