Boy am I behind on blogging about what we have been up to. I somehow failed to blog about last weeks activities. 

Last Monday we headed out to WA farms to join our friends Dee and E at the pumpkin patch.

 It was a REALLY windy day(as you can tell from our hair!) and wee bit cold!

 Dee pushed the little munchkins around in a wheelbarrow while we were scouting out pumpkins.


The little tots shared a moment over a pumpkin……….

                      And finally we we saw some pigs race. 

Oh and here is what happens when you try to get two little ones to stick their head through one of those wooden things with the holes cut out for your face. What are those darn things called?


We had a fun time at Washington farms despite the fact that it was freezing cold and windy as all get out! I look forward to taking the boys (whoa that was weird to say) next year!