Hubs had mentioned recently that he was going to need a new pair of jeans soon. So Saturday night we set out to find him a pair. I secretly wondered if he would be able to find some incredibly priced jeans yet again but I kept my mouth shut. 

He was able to find one pair of jeans he liked a lot at Target and they were around twenty-five dollars. Kind of expensive in Hubs book for a pair o’ jeans but he still got them. Next we headed out to GAP to check out their jeans. He found a pair he liked there too, of course. To recap so far he has only tried on two pairs and liked both of them. Seriously, I have never done that. Hubs decided to get the Gap pair too and guess how much he paid for them? Peanuts. I mean Gap practically paid us to take them.  I think originally they were around forty-five dollars but they were on sale for about twenty. Well me being the nice wife that I am, I whipped out a 15% off your total purchase coupon. That brought his jeans to the unbelievably low price of $13.38 before tax!!