We officially made our first Craigslist purchase on Monday night. We’ll technically we found our duplex in WA on craigslist but we didn’t buy that. So I guess this was our first “Georgia Craigslist” experience. 

For the past few months I have been looking for several items on craigslist with no such luck. I was just thinking last week that this area’s craigslist was pitiful. (Well compared to the Seattle area craigslist anyways.)

On Sunday night I found two great items I was interested in. One of those was a dresser. We have been on the search for a dresser for little man’s big boy room for a few months now. 

Monday night we drove out to Monroe, GA to check it out and it was just what we were looking for. So we loaded it up and brought it on home. It almost didn’t get to come home with us because it BARELY fit in the car! But we got it in the yota at last. Thank goodness.   












I especially love the “beaded” detail surrounding the drawers and the big ol’ knobs.

Now we just need bedding( I’ve already got my eye on a quilt), a rug, some art work, and possibly a side table of some sort. We bought a full size wrought iron bed frame and mattress back in the spring with the intention of it being for little man’s future room. So at least we have two pieces of furniture now. 

And on Friday Hubs painted the guest room/ future little man’s room. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint and a new color on the walls. Well maybe the color isn’t really that different than before but it is slightly!

With every piece of little man’s room that comes together I slowly feel a bit more prepared for little g to arrive. Baby g will be taking over little man’s nursery once little man moves rooms. 

Wow, we are going to have two kids here pretty soon. I am so excited and a bit scared by that fact. But more excited than scared so that’s good!