Holy smokes. November is underway and Thanksgiving is NEXT week. I am officially kind of freaking out. Why? Well this will be my first official Thanksgiving to do all the cooking. The side dishes don’t have me scared it’s that darn turkey. 

Tuesday at my women’s bible study I actually mentioned my thanksgiving meal as a prayer request. Major prayer request, I know!! I told the ladies I was kind of nervous about cooking my first turkey. Nobody laughed at me but instead they started offering up suggestions. Two people suggested that I cook a turkey breast. This was mentioned after I stated that I wasn’t to crazy about sticking my hands inside a turkey to get all the giblets and do dads out. Raw chicken kinds of grosses me out lately so I am nervous about having to stick my hands inside a big bird!

I think I will indeed have to go with a turkey breast. I invited my family out for Thanksgiving and only my brother will be able to make it. Since there will just be three adults and one tot who eats NOTHING, I think a small bird will be plenty. 

This afternoon I sat down to watch an episode of Barefoot Contessa and low and behold it was an episode where Ina cooked a roasted turkey breast for Thanksgiving. I watched the show and then made sure to save it for back up. Then I headed over to the food network to get the exact recipe so I could print it out.

I think I’ll give Ina’s turkey a try. It looks simple enough. If anyone has any turkey tips to send my way feel free to! I’ll keep you posted on my first real Thanksgiving and how it turns out. Worst case scenario we will be eating deli turkey sandwiches! HA!!