1. So we bought the bird today. I guess I really do have to cook a turkey now. I am totally impressed with Pioneer Woman’s Thanksgiving schedule post {well actually with the whole darn blog}. I am going to try out her dinner rolls on Thursday. They look so tasty!!

2. I’m super excited about this. BOOMER SOONER!!

3. The dining room rejuvenation project-Part II is almost complete. Two weekends, one week, multiple trips to the home improvement store, one sick hubby, lots of disagreements discussions about how the result should look and we hubs is still working on the dining room. In his defense he has been sick for going on eight days now. My contribution to the project? Accompanying hubs to said home improvement store and filling in the nail gun holes with wood filler. Pregnant mommas are really helpful, huh? Pictures to follow.

4. Jack is back. Apparently I was slightly confused though. I thought 24:Redemption, airing tonight night, was the season premiere. Turns out it’s a two-hour, real-time movie. I’ll take it though. Any Jack is better than no Jack.