You may not know it from looking at me, but in college I was quite the crafty lady. I was a regular ole Martha Stewart if you will. Me and my jar of Modge Podge glue were pretty tight. I am not sure what happened but after college I stopped being interested in crafts. I think my oh so cute and quaint garage apartment that I had in college lended itself to a more crafty, girly decor. And my first grown up home with hubby, not so much. 

Lately I have kind of gotten the crafty bug again. I blame the blogs I have come across where people post these amazing things that have created. The last few times I have been to Hobby Lobby I have felt the need to purchase some project to work on. I have yet to do so. 

I do have one particular project in mind. I would like to make something along the lines of this to organize my jewelry. And as an added  bonus it would be sort of like a wall decoration too. Our bedroom walls are bit on the bare side and I have been wanting to decorate in there but just didn’t know how yet. 

I would like to find a inexpensive frame though to do this project. I have my eye on a $25 dollar frame at Hobby Lobby but that wouldn’t exactly make the project cheap. I could wait for it to gone sale, cuz you know it will in like a week. In the meantime I might hit up Goodwill to see what they have in the frame department. 

I have also been looking for frames like this to do something like this with. I have found one such frame but it was $30 at an antique store and I wasn’t about to pay that much. I bet I could find some at estate sales but having a child and going to garage sales doesn’t work so well. I am not interested in getting little man in and out of his carseat about 80 times in two hours. 

Katie, can you be on the lookout until I can join you for a morning of garage sales again? And to my other three faithful blog readers, I’ll keep you posted if and when I am able to secure some good craft supplies and complete my new project!