1. We finished baby registering on Saturday. Well, let me clarify that. We DID NOT register for a baby but for baby stuff. In case you were confused. I thought it wouldn’t be fun to register the second time around but turns out it’s quite fun. I think any time you get to point a little scanning gun thing at stuff you want you can’t really go wrong. I had fun pointing and Hubs had fun clicking.

2. I completed my glucose test on Friday. I was pretty much dreading having to go and do that. It actually wasn’t too bad though. The orange sugary drink wasn’t as bad as I had remembered it and the bottle seemed smaller than last time. BONUS! I think the worst part was having to sit there for an hour until they could do the follow up blood work. Too bad they didn’t have WiFi in the lab lobby. I passed the time by reading a magazine so I really shouldn’t complain. How often do I get to sit down and read almost an entire magazine in one sitting. Like never.

3. It’s really not fair that I am pregnant over most all of the major food related holidays. TEMPTATIONS GALORE people! So far we’ve had halloween. I think I gained five pounds alone in October due to Halloween candy. Up next we have Thanksgiving. And then Christmas. We’ll be doing a drive by of my gma’s house where there will no doubt be all kind of chocolate goodness in the form of fudge and bon bon’s. Then it’s off to our hometown where there will be more goodies at the in-laws house. Not to mention we’ll be eating at all of our favorite hometown places while we are in town. And going to Braum’s about fifteen times. Lydia don’t hate me. Oh yeah, I WAS writing about food related holidays. So then there is Valentine’s day when there is more candy around. Maybe next time I will be pregnant from March to November. Wait, did I just say next time…………..