Well I am not sure why I was so worried about cooking a turkey. It turned out to be a breeze and it tasted wonderful. The turkey breast is definitely the way to go people if you don’t have a big ole crowd to feed. 

I ended up combining two roasted turkey breast recipes to create my first turkey masterpiece. Hubs was kind of worried it would be dry since it was a semi-dry rub that went on the bird. I kept reassuring him that the veggies and chicken broth the bird was resting on would make it moist. Still unsure, hubs decided to inject the bird with the broth about every thirty minutes. In the end the turkey was very moist and flavorful. Little buddy gobbled it right up. HA!




I must say that prepping the day ahead of Thanksgiving was super helpful. I chopped all of my veggies for the bird and stuffing and made my cornbread for the stuffing early. My brother and I also made up the dough for the rolls early so they could rise enough before the big day. The rolls turned out to be super tasty and there is nothing like a hot, buttered roll right out of the oven. 



Speaking of that dough. We had a bit left over so we saved it to make cinnamon rolls with today. Hubs out did himself with those cinnamon rolls this morning. 


I guess I lied when I said there was nothing better than a hot, buttered roll straight from the oven. Turns out a hot, dripping with icing, cinnamon roll trumps the dinner roll any day!