Well it was a sad and happy day for me today. 

Sad because….

We had to return my brother to the airport so he could make his way back to Oklahoma. {sad face}


Happy because…

1. I won’t be going to the ATL airport for the next 6-9 months or so. {Thank goodness}

2. Oklahoma is headed to the Big 12 championship game!! We’re getting close to that national championship ya’ll.

3.  We stopped at one of my favorite boutique’s, Limetree, in the Norcross area. And I finally found my  Georgia glass there that I have been on the hunt for. We had all the other states we have ever lived in except for GA. Surprisingly, none of the boutiques/specialty stores here in Athens carry them at all. What’s up with that? Maybe they were more popular in WA?!?!? 

4. And what is next to the aforementioned boutique? My favorite grocery store!! Hubs so kindly agreed to an outing at Trader Joe’s on the way home from the airport. Don’t worry I didn’t get three of everything this time. Hubs has a way of talking me out of most things I don’t really need. So I mainly just stocked up on some of my favorites. I did pick up just a few new things to try out though. Including these beauties….