I wanted to thank everyone for your prayers on Monday for little man’s surgery. The surgery went smoothly and little buddy did just fine. Praise the Lord. I thought I would have been more anxious during the surgery but I wasn’t. I had really been praying that I wouldn’t get too nervous while we waited.



This is a photo of little buddy about an hour out of surgery. Check out that big contraption they had rigged up to keep his IV in place. It went from his fingers to his elbow. Little man tried many a time to get that sucker off but he never was able to do so. 

Please pray for a quick recovery for the little man. He seemed to have felt pretty good today and was even playing quite a bit. I am nervous he will scoot around too much and over do it but he seems to be just fine. We go Monday for a post-op visit so I’ll keep you posted on that.