Hubs and I have been debating the last few days about whether or not we should get a tree this year. Every year that we have been married {that would be five ya’ll} we have purchased a live tree for Christmas. This year we are leaving in a little over two weeks to travel to Oklahoma to be with our families. Anytime we travel for Christmas we always take our tree down prior to leaving for our destination. I must say it’s really not fun just getting to have your tree up for two weeks or so and then taking it down BEFORE Christams. No fun at all. 

I had pretty much decided this afternoon that we should for go the tree this year. But then I got to thinking that this would be little man’s first Christmas where he would actually get to help us decorate/{or in his case knock down} a tree. So I changed my bahumbug mind and we headed out to get our tree tonight. 



I’m thinking after Christmas I might try to snag a fake pre-light tree to put up the years we are traveling. I would miss that oh so Christmas smell o’ pine the whole month of December but I wouldn’t have to worry about the tree dying will we are on vacation. 

I’m curious do ya’ll put up a real tree or a fake one?