A few things that the little man is interested in as of late:

 Books. He is constantly bringing me books and then plopping down in my lap. It is the sweetest thing. His current favorite book is “Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo”. We checked this book out from the library and he wants to read it over and over and over and over and over.


 Cars. He still really loves playing with cars. And by “cars” I mean anything that remotely resembles a car. including trucks, tractors, trains, helicopters, etc…….. He spends a good chunk of his day driving this one little car around the house. He makes a loop through the kitchen, den, living room, dining room, and then arrives back in the kitchen. It makes him seem like such a big boy to be playing with cars. I think he is literally growing up right before my eyes. No one told me that would happen!?!?!

Buttons and Knobs. He particularly likes to press all of the buttons on the washing machine and dryer until something happens. Several times he has actually got the washing machine to start. I am thinking of trading our front loaders in for some 1975 Maytags like I use to have in college. Not really but having buttons on the front and therefore accessible to short people is not handy!

He also has become  intrigued with the knobs for the stove. Luckily he can not turn them unless we have them already on. It’s really handy when you are trying to boil water and he turns the knob to “off.” He also turns the oven light on pretty much every time he scoots through the kitchen. So helpful!

Daddy. He has become quite the daddy’s boy lately. Every morning when I get him up he points across the hall to our bedroom and says “Daddy??” I think he got a little to used to Hubs being off from work a lot over the last few weeks. When he hears the kitchen door open at 5:30 each night his little face lights up and he says “Daddy!!” I think he is starting to notice when Hubs is traveling though. That make me kind of sad.

I’ll leave you with a video of little man trying to plop down in my lap. Sometimes he is quite successful and sometimes he misses my lap all together. I am not sure how he can miss my ever expanding lap but he does.