01. I think I should really start entertaining once a week. I am much more motivated to clean and keep the house tidy if I know someone is coming over. Having playdates at our house and dinner guests about every three weeks or so isn’t quite cutting it.

02. Well would you look at that…..looks like we are headed to the National Championship! WOOHOO!!!

03. update-Little man’s follow-up appt. {the first of four} went well on Monday. He’s healing up just as he should be. We go again next Monday to have some stitches removed. 

04. I can hardly wait to travel to Oklahoma next week. Well actually I could do without the traveling part all together. It was WAY cheaper to drive than fly so looks like we are road tripping it. Sixteen hours in the car each way should be tons of fun with a pregnant lady and a 17 month yr. old. Start praying for Hubs now. 

05. It is overcast again today. Seriously, I thought I moved to GA for some good old fashioned sunshine.

06.  I always have such high hopes of blogging tons while Hubs is traveling. IT. NEVER. HAPPENS. I obviously have more responsibilities and less “me” time while Hubs is gone so it would seem logical that I COULD NOT blog more than NORMAL. Maybe one day that will sink in……………

07. Would it be annoying if all of my blog posts where in list format? Just curious. You know I love me a good list!!