I should be a pretty happy camper in a matter of hours. Hubs “should” be touching down in D.C. this afternoon before making the short flight home to ATL. And once he is home he has NO MORE work trips planned until mid April. So. excited. about. that.

Hubs and his boss man left last Sunday to travel to Albania for the week. The trip was pretty much a huge disaster from the get go. After checking in at the ATL airport, Delta decided to play switcheroo with there international flights. This probably should have been the first sign that the trip would go down hill real fast. They were able to make it to their final destination in one piece but unfortunately their luggage did not. It never actually arrived. Smooth move, Delta. I have never been on any international trips {unless you count Mexico and I prefer not tot} but that would be the one trip that I would not want to go with out my luggage. 

Luckily Hubs and boss man weren’t teaching until Tuesday. They arrived in Albania on Monday, so they patiently waited for their luggage to show. But it never came on Monday. 

Tuesday morning came and went and still no luggage. So Hubs and boss man wore their same street/travel clothes to go teach. Hubs should have technically been in his uniform. Oops! Tuesday afternoon they still had no luggage so they decided to go out in search for some new clothes to wear. 

{Sidenote: I wish I could insert an email from the boss man at this point in the story. He sent a HILARIOUS account of their shopping disaster via email. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. Well not really but I could have cuz it was that funny. Not sure if would be appropriate to copy and paste emails from the boss man directly into my blog post. So I guess that I’ll refrain.}

Here’s my go at it……..Hubs and boss man had pretty much given up on their bags so they decided to head to a mall to buy some new clothes. But the mall ended up being about the equivalent of an Albanian Super Wal-Mart. They first looked for new pants but  quickly realized that all Albanian pants come in one length, and one length only. LONG. They both bought some pants anyways with the thought that they could just hem them. The also stocked up on socks and shirts. 

Once back at the hotel the boys tried on their new clothes. Wish I could have been there for a fashion show of the new duds. Unfortunately both of their new shirts were too small and Hubs accidently got a short sleeve instead of a long sleeve shirt. I am kind of confused by this. Were the shirts in packages and therefore the boys couldn’t try on the shirts BEFORE leaving the store? Who knows? Anyways, Hubs also reported that the socks he bought would not stay up. Poor boys, they just can’t win.

At this point I think they decided to send their normal clothes, that they had been wearing since Sunday morning, out to be laundered. This sure was a brave move on their part. I wouldn’t have parted with those clothes at any cost. Those were the only clothes they had that fit and that were probably semi normal looking. Anyways, while the clothes were being washed the boys hemmed up their new pants. I am guessing they didn’t buy jeans because those would probably be impossible to hem minus a sewing machine. Hubs has never hemmed anything, that I know of, so I will be interested to see his sewing handy work when he gets home. I think Hubs and boss man were nervous that someone would come knock on one of their doors and they would have to answer pantless. This is the point where I was laughing because I can just picture Hubs in his room hemming up his pants and well you get the picture………..Oh and still no luggage at this point. They did get word before they headed to bed that their luggage had been located and should arrive tomorrow. 

Wednesday morning came and went and no sign of the luggage. Off they went to their scheduled teaching duties. I wonder what they wore?  Have I mentioned the crazy driver that had been assigned to them that practically almost killed them each time they set foot in his car? I bet they were real excited to have him as their driver!! 

And guess what? After they arrived back to their hotel on Wednesday afternoon they finally got their luggage! HOORAY!! Good timing and all since they only had one more day to teach(Thursday) and they were leaving at 3:00a.m. on Friday morning to return home. At least their bags did arrive though. It probably would have been more of a disaster to ever get them back had they not gotten them while they were there. I am worried they’ll have some issues with luggage or their flights today but hopefully not. 

I am looking forward to Hubs getting home soon so I can hear first hand from him about the trip. We had no phone conversations while he was there, only email. It’s like he was back on the ship and out on deployment again. Fun times.  From what I have learned from Hubs, the main highlight of the trip was the free Wi-Fi! And he did get to go to a museum that sounded neat.  The museum was built inside the walls of the remenents of an old castle. 

I’ll leave you of a picture of Hubs inside the museum with some random dudes. I have no idea who they are. Sorry!