So I have mentioned before that Hubs has awesome luck when it comes to finding great deals on clothing. Well, last weekend he had a bit more of that luck but not with clothes. 

Over the past few months we have had our eye out for a few key/essential items that we still wanted to acquire for little man’s big boy room. One of those items was a rug. I was starting to think we wouldn’t be getting one anytime soon when every rug we liked that was a semi-decent size was $250+

Well last Sunday Hubs was at Lowe’s picking up some do dads{or whatever else boys buy at Lowe’s} and he stumbled upon two rugs that were on clearance. He went about his way and paid for his do dads. On the way home he called to tell me about his great finds. When I asked which rug he bought he said neither. I asked how far he was out of the Lowe’s parking lot and when he said not too far I told him to hightail it back over to Lowe’s. The rugs and prices Hubs was describing sounded too good to pass up!

Hubs willingly sent me a pic of each rug via his phone.. Thank goodness for multi-media messages!

One rug was light khaki ………..


And the other rug was cream/khaki in the middle with a chocolate brown border……….




 I would have loved to get both rugs and put one rug in the nursery. But alas we are trying to SAVE money so we opted for just one rug. Both rugs were brand new and under $75. They had been used in displays high up on shelves{you know, where they have a few random  pieces of furniture and home accessories}.

We liked both rugs but decided on the one that would add a bit more color to the little dudes room. And it coordinates with this quilt…………..


We just so happend to find this quilt for half off the day before we found the rug. I have had my eye on a few quilts lately so I was pumped to see one of them go on clearance. YEA!! for sales!!!!!!!!!!! 

We didn’t buy the shams because they didn’t have them in stock and I didn’t want quilted shams. I would rather get solid shams in a coordinating color  that match the sheets we have yet to buy. We do already have a white plain bed skirt that will work great though. 

Note: this is not little man’s actual big boy bed but it does looks similar as it is wrought iron. In real life little man’s future bed is covered in things yet to be packed for our trek to OK.

I am glad to see that little man’s room is coming together , even if it is slowly. We are still on the lookout for  a side table and some art for the walls. 

So far the little guy seems to love the new rug. He loved it so much he kept hopping around on it the other night for what seemed like forever. And he has been practicing his standing up {without holding on to any furniture} in there.