I have never been all that excited about exercising, but I do love me some results from exercising!

I particularly don’t like working out while I am pregnant, especially in the last trimester. I hardly think it is fun going about my day carrying around all this extra weight. So you can probably guess I really don’t think exercising while carrying all this extra weight is real fun either. 

 I haven’t made it that much of a priority to exercise in the last few months. I prefer to go on walks outdoors with the little man in the afternoon but lately it’s either been cold, windy, gloomy, or raining. What is this, Seattle??

But I really have no excuse for not working out if the weather is semi-crappy. We do happen to own a treadmill. {Sometimes I try to forget that.} Last week I kind of got motivated out of the blue to start working out again. Don’t ask me why. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I have been bored out of my mind. Our weekday schedule has slowed down drastically. Like come to a screeching halt. Most of the activities that the little dude and I attend or participate in have not been going on in the month of December. My motivation for exercising may also have been enforced by my most recent weigh in at my OB appt. It wasn’t pretty folks. Not. One. Little. Bit.

So I have traded in my almost daily afternoon naps for almost daily dates with the treadmill. Our treadmill resides in the sunroom and really this is the most ideal time of the year to use the treadmill. You see there are no heating vents out in the sunroom and lots of windows. This results in a cool {as in temperature} atmosphere, which I prefer when working out. 

I have to say at first I was kind of missing my nap and dragging at the end of the day. But after a few workouts I had more energy and almost forgot about my naps all together. Almost. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t think exercising while preggo is fun. Seriously when you have to get off the treadmill to pee 1-2 times per 30-45 minute workout, it’s not fun. You kind of loose your momentum. And I never really feel “more fit” from working out while pregnant. It’s hard to feel like you are doing much when you are still gaining weight and your belly is protruding from your body more and more each day. And you can’t exactly obtain washboard abs while you are pregnant. I guess I can just gain a piece of mind that I’ll be in better shape for the labor and delivery that will occur in 2.5 months. And I’ll have less to work off come next spring and already be in workout mode when my six week post labor hiatus is over.

Sidenote: Ok I just looked at the lyrics for the “Let’s get physical” song and it seems to not be relevant or appropriate for my post after all.  But I have had it in my head for sometime now. Ever since Michael Scott on The Office sang his version of “Let’s get ethical, ethical.”