01. Drinking a Dr. Pepper during the day is counter productive to your workout.

02. Don’t pull into parking spaces backwards. It makes getting your groceries into the back of your car near impossible.

03. Don’t travel over Christmas. It’s super depressing to take down your decorations and tree the week prior to Christmas. 

04. Don’t hand your child things on your “list” to hold while shopping at Target. He’ll inevitably chunk them over the side of the cart and you won’t realize it until you are at home. 

05. Don’t bake 95 Christmas cookies if you are trying to cut back on your sugar intake. 

06. Don’t EVER wear ridiculously short boxer shorts, a sweatshirt and UGGS as an outfit out in town. {I don’t actually own any UGGS or boxer shorts but I write this because every female UGA undergrad is currently sporting this said outfit. I know it’s a whoopin 70 degrees out but this outfit is just STUPID!!!}