……….to grandmother’s house we go! 

If it’s Friday and you are reading this than we have officially started our trek to Oklahoma. First stop? My grandparents house . We’ll only be there for a short 1.5 day layover but I can’t wait. Too say that my grandmother is a little bit excited to see the little man would be an understatement. She has only met the little  guy once but she is his biggest fan by far!

Please say a little prayer that we can make it all the way to OK safely. We have 12+ hours in the car today. We’ll stop and spend the night somewhere if preggo {that’s me!} and little man can’t handle being in the car that long. 

Next time you hear from me I’ll probably be blogging live from Braum’s while I sip on my  milkshake of choice. Catch you on the flip side.