Just wanted to let all three of my readers know that we made it to OK safely. Our twelve hour car ride on Friday turned into fifteen hours after stopping for three meals, gas, and bathroom breaks. The little guy did awesome though and was such a trooper. I am not sure if we could have done it without the new portable dvd player. So worth the money! 

The only bad thing that happened on our drive was that the little man threw up about twenty minutes from my Grandmothers house. We were on really curvy back roads for the last two hours of our drive, so I can’t really blame him. I was about to hurl myself

I must say that it is great to be back in Oklahoma. Even if it is bitter cold and windy as all get out. We left 70 degree weather in GA for this? 🙂 Oh well. It’s wonderful to be in our hometown surrounded by our family. If you live near your family I hope that you realize how blessed you are. Well, unless of course you aren’t too fond of your family. That might stink. But we are fond of our family and I hate that we live so far from them. {sad face}

And our favorite restaurants. I’m getting reacquainted with those too. So far we have have eaten at our favorite chinese, mexican, and ice cream places. {Lydia, I have been to Braum’s once for breakfast, lunch, and ice cream!!)  And any minute my hubs and bro will walk in bearing my favorite lime slushie from a local joint we Normanite’s like to call Classic’s {also known as Classic 50’s drive-in}. I would have loved some pickle o’s {fried pickles} too but hubs hates pickles and probably wouldn’t volunteer to ever get me any unless I was right there in the car with him. BOYS!!!

Well, looks like my slush hubs and bro just got here so I’ll be seeing ya.