So lately the little man has been mighty interested in the toilet. Not in potty training mind you but just sticking his hands in the toilet and splashing them around. I may need to look into some toilet seat locks soon but for now if the lid is down he doesn’t try to open it. 

Today he was being awfully quiet and then I heard a “splish splash” noise. I rushed in to see what he was up to and he had started to bend over and was trying to get his hair wet. Somehow he managed to get a small section slightly wet. YUM!

I quickly grabbed him up and took him to the sink to wash his hands. Before I could get his hands under the water he reached up and grabbed the bristle part of my toothbrush. DOUBLE YUM!!

I am afraid I only have more fun of this type to look forward to over the next 20 or so odd years. Do girls do things like this?? 🙂