So I’m pretty much over being pregnant. 

Too be honest with you I don’t actually enjoy being pregnant. I know some people love being pregnant but I am just not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY thankful to have been able to conceive. I don’t take it for granted that we are able to have a baby so don’t get the wrong impression about what I am trying to say here. 

All that being said, is it wrong that I am daydreaming of the day when I won’t be pregnant anymore? Since I haven’t really ever been sick in my first trimester, for me the hard part of a pregnancy comes at the end.

I’m not sleeping well. My legs and hips ache in the middle of the night.

I’m tired of my pregnancy clothes and they are not even fitting that well anymore. 

I have indigestion like nobody’s business. Come eight o’clock I am popping the Zantac like it’s candy.

I  don’t feel cute. Not one single bit. I have stopped looking at my backside in mirrors. Not that I was particularly fond of my backside pre-pregnancy but at the rate it’s growing now……..

Little buddy can’t really sit in my lap to read a book because of my darn big belly. I have to crawl around on my hands and knees to pick up all of little man’s toys. There is no way I am going to bend over 800 times to retrieve each little block or ball.

Now that I have complained a little lot, maybe I should voice the things I am looking forward to after my pregnancy ends. 

Getting to see baby g for the first time. Will he have red hair too?

Seeing little man meet his brother. 

Being able to say, “my sons.” Being a family of “four.” {Although, I might start feeling out numbered being the only girl}

Still looking five months pregnant when I leave the hospital.  

Starting a whole new chapter in our lives.  

Sleeping on my back or stomach again.

Exercising without an extra 20lbs tagging along for the ride. Fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes the day after g is born. HA!! {Just checking to see if anyone is still reading this}

I’m down to just 7.5 weeks to go so I think I will try to enjoy these last few weeks despite all my “aches and pains.”  And I am going to try to be grateful for this stage that I am at in my life because it will soon be over. Who knows? This could in fact be the last time that I am ever pregnant. 

So tell me if you are expecting currently or have had a child, do you like being pregnant? Just wondering if I am the only one out there that doesn’t “love” being knocked up.