No joke folks. We’ll maybe I am over reacting just slightly. 

You see I was trying to pull up my Target baby registry and this other registry kept coming up. The chick had the exact same first name as me. And the same last name as well except she had an “er” at the end of it. AND to top it all off she is from OKLAHOMA, which you all know is my home state. Anyhoo, what are the odds of our names being so similar and her being from OK too? I was really going to be weirded out if we had registered for the same baby items. Looks like she may be having twins (a boy and a girl) though or she is one of those people who registers for dude and dudet items because she isn’t finding out the sex of the baby. 

Ok now that you are all thoroughly bored out of your mind by this ridiculous post…. continue on with your evening.

And what’s up with me posting after I said I might not be posting? Apparently sometimes I lie………