This weekend my friends  Missy and Jessica hosted one sweet baby shower for me.


 Most all of my GA friends were able to make it so it was awesome to get to spend sometime with all my gals pals. It’s not often you find yourself in a room with most all of your local friends at once. 


We had a wonderful array of all sorts of yummy “brunch” foods to snack on at the shower. You out did yourself ladies! Jessica was kind enough to honor my request subtle hint for a decaf coffee punch. This punch was served at a friends wedding shower a few years back and I remembered loving it. You would too. It has ice cream in it people. Need I say more? 🙂

While I opened all the sweet baby loot lovely presents people brought, the guests played a few shower games. One of the games was baby bingo. There were numbers attached to most of the gifts and when I opened one I had to holler it out so people could see if it was on their bingo card. That Missy, she’s one creative little mama! The girls also put a whole heck of  a lot of one of my favorite candies in a jar and had the guests make an attempt at guessing how many fire jolly ranchers were in the jar. I am not sure exactly how many pieces of candy were in the jar but I could let you know as I eat them because I got to take the jar home.


Here are a few pics from the shower!

cimg0711Claire, Missy, Myself, and Tara



Rachel and I

cimg0712D and I


Katie, myself, and Jill

cimg0716The three  amigos  preggos!! Emily, Melissa, and myself