Yesterday I had my first “every two week” OB check-up. Nothing new really to report. I am a really boring maternity patient I am afraid, but I guess with maternity that’s a good thing. 

Baby g is growing right along. He is such an active little buddy and yesterday was no exception. When my doctor went to listen for the heartbeat LB² was all over the place. My stomach kept changing shapes as LB² moved around. I thought that little buddy was active during my last pregnancy but LB² has him beat. Plus my OB said the movements of the baby are magnified three times or so with the 2nd, 3rd,……child. That could explain why it seems he is so active. I haven’t had to count fetal movement at all with this baby because he is almost constantly moving!!!

I’m really looking forward to our next appointment in two weeks. We get to do one final ultrasound. I am anxious to see “about” how big LB² is at a month out. After the ultrasound appointment I start going weekly to the OB. During my last pregnancy I so looked forward to the time when I would go to the OB weekly. Unfortunately I only go to go to one “weekly” appointment and then little buddy decided he was ready to be born. We’ll see this time if make it to all of my “weekly” appointments or not! 

Anybody want to get in on some birthday predictions for LB²? Hubs guess is around the 20th of February and I say around the 25th or later.  What is your guess?