The little buddy and I are enjoying a MUCH needed day at home today. Rarely are we home more than one morning a week let alone a full day. It’s kind of nice to have nothing pressing on the agenda except reading books with your son and doing laundry.

I have been trying to keep busy and get out a lot lately because I know once LB² gets here I will probably go into hibernation mode. I feel like I should go a lot of places now because pretty soon it will be much harder. I can’t imagine or picture how in the heck I will manage going to the grocery store or Target with a toddler and newborn. The only thing that gives me hope is that I know I am not the first person to have two kids and I have seen other moms exit the house with two kids. I am not expecting it to be easy but I think it can be done. Now, I might wait till June to tackle this feat but still.

In other news we had a lovely weekend. I got to go on a girls night out with some fellow Navy wives, Hubs and I went on a date (THANKS CLAIRE!!), we celebrated Hubs birthday, and we sold two items on craigslist within a 30 minute time span. All and all it was a mighty fine weekend. Oh and we finally bit the bullet and bought our double stroller. Pretty much a necessity when you have two kids under 21 months.

Well TA-TA for now. I might try to sneak in a little catnap while the little guy snoozes.