Well we just sold our main single stroller. Is it weird to be kind of sad? I’m lame I know. We bought that stroller two days after we knew we were expecting. You see Hubs was leaving in a day to go on a 6 month deployment and was dying to buy something “baby”. So we headed on over to Babiesrus that Sunday after church and stumbled upon this stroller. We loved it right away, mostly because it had big girl wheels( big jogging stroller type wheels).  And it was on clearance. Did I mention that? Nothing like getting a good ol’ deal on something you love right?  We didn’t know what carseat we were going to get for the baby but somehow it worked out that the safest one on the market was the exact one that was compatible with our stroller. I love it when things work out like that. 

So back to me being sad. I think I am sad because it was the first thing we bought for little buddy. And it was one awesome stroller if I do say so myself. Mainly it seems like a chapter in our lives is closing because we no longer have a need for a single stroller.  I guess that’s really why I am sort of sad. It means the end of just have little buddy around. Our baby. Our first baby.

On a happier note we tested out the new double stroller this week. What I love about it is that it really is a single stroller but you add an additional seat to it. And it doubles as a jogging walking stroller for me. I went on my first walk this week with it and it worked just great. It actually moves quite smoothly and turns effortlessly. It practically corners like it’s on rails. And we tried it out at the outlet mall last weekend and it worked just great in a “store” setting too. So all in all the new stroller passes the test for fulfilling our every stroller need. Now if we just had that second baby so we could put the doubles kit to use…………..