I just completed the book   novel three page list.  Our  SUPER AWESOME friend C has volunteered to kick it with little buddy while we are in the hospital having baby G. I decided to write a short little version of a typical day for little buddy to give to our friend C. She is totally capable of caring for him but I wanted her to have any info she might need at her fingertips. Little buddy has never actually been away from us for more than a few hours, let alone over night. Hopefully he will do just fine. I think I was more worried about him being alright than I was about going through labor. But with C watching him I won’t have to worry about him at all. 

Now that the “list” is complete I feel a little bit better about going into labor. It was one of the major things on my “TO DO” list for January { i.e Operation Prepare for the Baby month}. I had lots of things on that list that have been crossed off but a few things I have given up on. Such as preparing and freezing meals. I had these grand plans to freeze oodles of meals. One day recently I looked in our freezer and wondered where in the heck would I put all these meals? I plan to pump some and freeze some milk so I decided I better leave what little room was left for that. I guess the only frozen meals in our freezer will be from Trader Joe’s and Bertolli. And I’m cool with that.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound and found out that the baby is about 6lb 13oz’s (plus or minus a lb). Who knows how accurate that weight guess really is. I saw the nurse practitioner yesterday and unfortunately she did not do an exam on me. Never thought I would be disappointed about not having a vaginal exam!! I was curious to see if I was dilated any further but I guess I will have to be patient and wait until next Tuesday. I did have a few contractions yesterday during the middle of the night. I don’t really remember having braxton hicks contractions with the little buddy but Hubs swears I did.  I’ll keep you posted if I have anymore contractions or go into labor. Oh and I am changing my prediction for G’s birthdate from around the 25th to around the 15th. We’ll see soon enough I guess!


p.s. LB² is still definitely a little boy!