Tonight I ventured out to a kids consignment sale in town. TOTAL waste of my time but that is beside the point. The sale started at 7 p.m. and I ended up getting there a few minutes early. I left the house minus a coat because I was thinking “Oh I’ll just run in and I don’t want to lug a coat around.” Super smooth on my part. I walked up to the building to get in line and realized that the line was out the door……as in outside. And I believe it was about 35° out. So there I am in my  long sleeve tee with no coat. Minutes after I got in line a mother/daughter combo got in line behind me. They noticed I didn’t have a coat on and the mother immediately took off her coat and offered up her fleece vest that she had on underneath her coat. I didn’t think twice about accepting the vest and was very thankful for the lady’s kindness. I spent the rest of my time in line talking with them. Really only in the South would someone offer up there coat to. Well maybe someone would actually do that in OK but in my 20 something years there, no one ever did.