Today is the day. If baby g were going to be born on the same day as little buddy it would be today. When I say ” the same day” I don’t mean the same exact day of the year. I mean the same day in my pregnancy. One day shy of 37 weeks. 

I think throughout my whole pregnancy I have foolishly thought that baby g would come early. Granted he could still come early but he already seems late since he hasn’t come yet. I know, I’m talking crazy talk. I kind of wish that little buddy hadn’t been born early. Then I would have no reason to expect baby g early.  Forty weeks seems so foreign to me and still so far away. Technically it’s not far away at all. I’m just the most impatient person ever.

What is the big deal? Why do I need baby g right this minute? I know it’s better for him to stay right where he is until he is ready. When I am sleep-deprived, haven’t had a shower in days, and feel like a human cow I will probably look back on my pregnancy days and think, “what was all the rush about?”  I KNOW having a newborn and a toddler  will be harder than being pregnant so I really should just sit back, relax and revel in how easy my life is at the moment. 

In other news I had my second weekly OB appointment today. Apparently I am only dilated to 1cm, not two. Thanks nurse at the hospital for getting my hopes up! One improvement/progress is that I am 50% effaced. Oh and my OB thinks that baby g is already weighing around 7+ lbs. So if you are paying attention that means he could easily be 8.5-9 lbs at birth. YIKES!! See why I want him to be born early? I really have no desire to birth a nine lb baby! Seriously ya’ll!!

Well I am going to have to cut this post short because my carpal tunnel has surfaced and is making typing not so much fun. Pregnancy is easier than having a newborn, pregnancy is easier than having a newborn…………….