I realize that I have been terrible about blogging lately. And I haven’t posted anything on little buddy in quite some time. So here’s a little update.

The little guy and I spent almost every afternoon this past week at the park. The weather was absolutely glorious with temps in the mid 70’s.  As you can imagine I was in heaven! Technically this week was the first time little buddy has gone to the park since he has started walking. I must say that it is a lot more enjoyable now that he is walking. For us both! He used to try to scoot between the play equipment or I would carry him. Now he walks around the playground easily and it’s a pretty awesome sight to see.


In other little buddy news…. His most favorite thing to do at the moment is color with crayons. He would probably color all day if we were home all day everyday. He says “color” which is pretty cute! He does prefer that I color right along side of him so I have been coloring a lot myself these days. 

He has also been learning the names of some body parts (eyes, nose, ears, hair, toes, teeth, toes, fingers). And we have started pre-pre-pre-pre potty training. He likes to read a book we have on going potty and has even mastered the words “potty” and “poo-poo”. It makes me giggle when he says “potty” because he says it more like “pa-tee”. It’s about the cutest thing ever ya’ll!

We’ve been talking about babies a lot lately. I show him little g’s things and let him hold them.  We even diapered his little stuffed frog, dressed it in a newborn onesie, and then swaddled him. Little buddy thought that was a hoot and has been toting that darn frog with him everywhere he goes. I don’t know that any of this will prepare little buddy for having a real little buddy of his own but I figured it can’t hurt right?

Well I think you are pretty much up to date on the happenings of our little man. Until tomorrow when he learns something new or does something that is darn cute…..