Friday afternoon we met up with our friend and super talented photographer Melissa Pepin to have a maternity photo session. We didn’t do maternity pics the last go round so it was fun to get to have them done this time. I was super anxious about what to wear, what the boys should wear, how I should fix my hair, etc….. You would have thought my pictures were going to end up in a magazine or something. I even texted Melissa at one point and asked if she could use photoshop to decrease the size of my behind. No joke. {Thanks Melissa for not laughing at me…too much}.

Well the photo shoot ended up being really fun and the weather even cooperated. Little buddy didn’t really want to sit still for any photos. For some reason I didn’t see that coming. I thought he would sit there like an angel! I thought it would be an awesome idea to wait till he was standing/walking before we took any professional family pics. Great idea on my part since little buddy could just run away from us when we were trying to get him to be in a picture. {Thanks Anthony for trying to corral him!} Even though little dude was constantly running circles around Melissa’s studio I think she still managed to get some good shots in of him. She’s skilled, that Melissa!

Here’s a little preview of one of the shots from our photo shoot. Note to self: Have a professional cut his hair next time so it doesn’t look like he has bangs……or start making good use of  some bobby pins and extra hold hairspray!