01. I just noticed on my live traffic feed that someone from Savannah, Georgia stopped by my blog. It had to have been Paula herself!

02. Is there such a thing as drinking too much orange juice? In the evenings I crave it like it’s going out of style. I like it with a small amount of crushed ice, you know in case anyone wanted to pour me a glass………..

03. I had to re-tire my old timex sports watch today. I know, sadness. Actually it was my brothers old watch that he so kindly donated to me eons ago. It has been messing up a lot lately so Hubs got me a new one for Valentine’s day.  I’m gearing up to wear it lots during “Operation lose this baby weight because I refuse to buy  “in between” clothes.”

04. Yes, I just used quotes inside of quotes. Not sure that’s really allowed but you know it’s my blog and all.

05. I just had some peanut butter atop some cinnamon graham crackers. Only the best snack ever. Don’t tell little buddy’s allergist. He would literally have my hide. Don’t worry I waited till LB was in bed to eat my snack and then I placed my PB jar back up on a really high shelf.

06. I wish this darn cramping I have been having would either translate into consistent contractions or stop already!!

07. My feet kind of hurt from my pedicure today. It is probably due to the fact that the pedicure man used a pumice stone on an almost healed cut my toe was sporting. Can you say ouch?!?!?! {If my friend D hadn’t have been with me I might have actually cried out in pain!}

08. I’m wearing Hubs OU t-shirt because quite frankly it’s been sometime since I could wear any of my own. And sometimes you just want to wear a comfy t-shirt.

09. Do I remember what it’s like to take care of a newborn? Will it all come back to me? I sure hope so. Maybe I should go read up on how to care for a newborn just in case my memory fails me………..