I was pretty worried about how little buddy would react to having a lil bro. So far his reaction has somewhat surprised me. Most of the time he just goes about his day and doesn’t even seem to notice that there is anything new going on. And sometimes he really wants to be around the baby. He will sit on the floor and pat the floor next to him. This is his way of telling me that he wants his brother to sit on the ground beside him. He will also come up to LB² and pull on his shirt and say, “this.” This is his way of telling me he wants to hold him.

When I do let him hold him he likes to kiss him and he also likes to lay his face right up against baby g’s cheek. He also likes to high five his brother. Baby g obviously doesn’t high five him back or anything. It’s more like little buddy high fiving his brothers little fist.

For some reason little buddy thinks it is hilarious to tickle his little brother. I guess it is better than him poking him in the eye! Which he does sometimes too. 

Here is a little snippet of some brotherly love…………