Today I am totally on my own. Well on my own + two lil ducklings. But on my own in the regards that I am the only adult in the house today. The in-laws left a week ago and Hubs had to return to work today. 

So far the day has been pretty uneventful. I guess that is good right? The biggest problem of day was that I forgot to eat lunch. I planned to eat after I fed little buddy. Then I decided to chat on the phone with one my best friends. Then our neighbor came by. Then our neighbor mentioned that the cable/internet was finally working. Then I was so excited that we had internet after five days of no internet that I checked my email. (sidenote: no internet due to our surprise attack of a snow storm  we got over the weekend.) Then I had to nurse LB². Then I decided I should probably lay down and rest while the little buddy did. Then my stomach started growling and I realized I had accidently skipped lunch. 

I contemplated just trying to nap and then eat later but I figured since I am nursing momma these days I might want to keep my body nourished and hydrated. So I here I sit. Full from some yummy soup(thanks Rachel!!). 

a few things I am thankful for today……..

the sun is shining and it’s warm out.

that the boys are both napping at the same time. 

that I have two precious {not to mention healthy}little boys.

that we have health insurance that covers 100% of our medical needs. {sidenote: just got the statements for mine and LB²’s care while in the hospital. YIKES! Having a baby is expensive and I didn’t even require a c-section.}

that Hubs ever so sweetly surprised me by getting the little buddy up this morning so that I could have a few extra minutes of sleep. this was to be my first morning on our own.

that we have electricity again. {we were without for 30 hours} 

that we have meals being provided for us until the end of March. Seriously our friends ROCK!


ok signing off now to make another attempt at that nap…………..