WOW! Can you believe our new little guy is over a month old? I hardly can. Time sure flies when you are having fun sleep deprived, doing insane amounts of laundry, nursing every few hours, and chasing after a toddler. 

I feel like I have so much to blog  yet I don’t have the time to blog at all. I can’t even find the time to remember to take pics of our new little guy. I was warned that would happened. Also, I have been having some problems with my right arm and hand. My hand pretty much is numb about 75% of the day making it pretty tricky to care for the boys and myself. I can barely hold the baby sometimes let along blog. Before baby g was born I started to feel like I was on the computer too much. I wonder if a certain someone gave me a pain in my hand to literally pull me away from the computer. Just thinking out loud folks. 

Anyhoo….lil g is great. Growing like a weed. We went for his one month check-up last week and the Dr. said he was doing just fine. He is sleeping five hour stretches at night which is awesome. He even pulled a six hour stretch last night. Way to go little g! The baby is smiling here and there and enjoys being held upright on your chest. He does however NOT like the swing or bouncy seat. What’s up with that? I thought all babies liked those two things but apparently not. He prefers to be snuggled up on my chest which is kind of hard to do all day when you also have a toddler!

The little buddy is still adjusting to having a little brother. Last weekend he decided he didn’t require any sleep. No naps and no sleep at night. Fun times. Thankfully, he started sleeping again. It was pretty rough there for a few days but we are catching back up on sleep. Little buddy still likes to “hold” his brother. And by “hold” I mean that he motions for me to put the baby in his lap and 1.5 seconds later he pushes him away. He likes to get in the babies face and wave hello at him. And he still likes to high five the baby. I think he will think his brother is more fun when he can do more things and doesn’t sleep 18 hours a day.

And me……well I am still adjusting too. Going on walks and caffeine are keeping me sane at this point. Some days are easier/better than others. Some days I wonder “what have I gotten myself into?”  I actually told the hubs that I might want to go ahead and work outside the home. His reply was, ” I think you missed your opportunity for that.”  I don’t really want to work outside the home but somedays I am sort of jealous that Hubs gets to leave the house every single day. No I am not on house arrest or anything. I could leave the house if I chose too. Most days it just seems easier to stay around here. We did venture out a few times this week. It was hard to leave the house by 9:00 to head to MOPS but we did it. And once I was there I was so glad I made the effort to go. It was nice to be surrounded by friends and to show off the wee one. 

And HUBS…. he’s super, crazy busy at work right now. Not to mention he still has to study at night and keep up with things around the house too. And I have a feeling he will also add “chef” to his duties this week too. Seeing as our meals stopped coming last Thursday {sad face}and my numb hand will most likely prevent me from chopping anything what so ever.

Well duty calls so I must say goodbye. Hopefully me hand will stop hurting and I will feel up to blogging more. Until then…..