A while back when our PC started dying we decided to opt for a laptop for our next computer purchase. We toyed around with the idea of getting a Mac because a large number of friends had one and loved them. So when HUBS came across a darn good deal on an Mac book he snatched that puppy up! He was on travel for work when he got it so I just got to hear about it’s awesomeness over the phone. Real fun, let me tell you.

When Hubs finally returned home with the laptop and I started to tinker with it I was a bit discouraged. It was a totally different from a PC and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was quick to turn to my friends Erin and Josh. 

Josh is a Mac enthusiast and Erin is a Mac enthusiast by way of marriage. I think he may have threatened to cut her off from Starbucks if she didn’t like her Mac. j/k, sort of. 🙂

Erin and Josh sat with me on the phone for about an hour one evening teaching me tricks about my new little white computer. It was like my own little “Mac for Dummies” session. Only they didn’t make my feel like a dummy and I came away super excited about my Mac. I am glad I have my own little Mac support hotline and now you can too! Sort of. Keep reading………

I am happy to tell you that Josh has a new blog called Beginner Mac .  Josh started this new site to “provide basic answers to basic questions regarding all things Mac/Apple related.” I like to think that Josh started this little ole site just for me.  A girl can pretend can’t she? 🙂

Go ahead and check it out his new site. You’ll be glad you did!