“Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks………”


Sunday afternoon the whole family went to a UGA baseball game. I didn’t know who we were playing until we were walking up to the stadium. Hubs choose that moment to tell me I had worn the wrong color of shirt. You see I was wearing a purple shirt and we were playing LSU. {HELLO! Couldn’t he have told me this when he saw me wearing the same shirt at home before we left!]

The game on Sunday was the first baseball game that the little buddy has attended. First sporting even of any kind actually! I wasn’t quite sure how he would do at the game but he surprised me. He totally loved it! I thought for sure he would try to run up and down the stairs but he sat right by Hubs and I and watched the game. He enjoyed eating part of my foot long and a lot of my fries! 


And being Mr. Friendly that he is he even made friends with an LSU fan. He offered the lady in front of us one of his yogurt snacks {which she actually took and ate} and his sippy cup of juice. After saying hi to her several times she finally asked him if he would like to come sit with her. He gladly went to hang out with her. He literally sat in her lap for about an hour and watched the game with her. He said “ball” every time he saw the ball fly through the air. He even got to touch a game ball.  A fly ball almost hit baby g’s carseat but it ended up hitting the bleachers behind us. It then rolled down a few rows in front of us. A guy handed the ball up to the little buddy. In the end we decided to give it to an older boy that was sitting near us with his glove in hand ready to catch a a fly ball.

I don’t think baby g even knew that he had left the house much less was at a baseball game! He slept the entire time we were there. Must be nice to be a baby.