So yesterday I had this brilliant idea that I should take the kiddos to the Barnes and Noble story time this morning. I enlisted some friends to go with us because let’s face it friends make everything mo’ fun! 

Fast forward to today. Upon arriving at the bookstore I put the wee one in the front carrier, held my bag on one shoulder and my toddler on the other shoulder. Whew! I was about worn out by the time we walked ten steps to the front door of the store. Once inside I deposited my toddler on the ground. BIG MISTAKE. Why did I think he would hold my hand all the way from the door to the back of the store where the children’s section is? He touched at least one book on EVERY end cap display that we passed. Once we finally made it to he the kid section we ran into a friend and her two little gals. While I stopped and chatted with my friend the little buddy ran ahead of me to start unshelving books. Awesome! The baby was squirming around so I reached to put his paci back in his mouth and realized, “Oops I forgot the paci in the car.” At that point there was no way I was walking all the way back out to the car and back into the store again for the paci. I said farewell to my friend and I tried to talk the little buddy into going over to the story time that was in session.

He walked over to the storyteller but little buddy had no desire to sit down and listen. Instead he yanked a stuffed animal out of the hands of the little girl sitting next to him. Great. All I have to say about that is at least it was actually a stuffed animal from the store and not the little girl’s beloved favorite toy from home.  While I was apologizing to the little girls mom little buddy decided to unshelve a few more books from a nearby display. The baby was still squirming so I dug my hand into my diaper bag in search of a paci that I knew wasn’t there. But wait there is a paci! So I shoved  ever so gently gave that to the baby and went off to find little buddy. 

Next I made an attempt to coax him over to the train table but he pre-ceded to walk right past the table and headed for this display of stuffed animals. He snatched a few and walked off. At this point my friend arrived and I told her I was thinking of leaving because things weren’t going so well. She suggested we head on over to Chick-fila and so off we went.

Our trip to Chick-fila was the first lunch date that I have had where I took the two kiddos by myself. Luckily the baby slept most of the time in his car seat. {a rarity by the way} And the little buddy behaved pretty well too. He didn’t eat much because I think he gets so excited when he has friends around. After lunch we let the kids play in the kids area. This way the first time that the little buddy has done this. He had a grand ole time running around, hoopin and a hollarin, and watching the older kids go down the big slide. 

So moral of the story :

01. DON”T ever think it’s a good idea to go by yourself with your toddler and baby to a book megastore. Unless both kids are strapped into the stroller or better yet out in the car! HA! {Totally kidding folks!!}

02. Not every outing by myself will be a disaster and sometimes it’s worth the hassle/stress just to get out of the house.

{p.s. thanks Kelly for the adult conversation and for hanging out with my little people posse and myself!}