So with the urging of a some family members and a few friends I decided to hire babysitter to come hangout with the little buddy yesterday afternoon so I could get a little bit of a break. I contemplated leaving the baby with the sitter but decided to keep him with me. I just can’t part with him yet! {Is that normal??}

I nursed the baby right before the sitter was to arrive so he would be good to go before we headed out. I figured he would fall asleep in the car on the way to my first errand/stop which he did. I toted him into the library to retrieve a few books I had on reserve {because I have time to read and all}. Then we were back in the car in a jiffy and onto my next stop. I wanted to run into Old Navy to get the boys some hats for summer and check out the summer stuff for me. I didn’t want to carry the baby around in his car seat so I chose to take him out and put him in our stroller. BIG MISTAKE! He of course woke up as I was transferring him into the stroller. I thought he would just fall back asleep but he didn’t. I still proceeded to go into the store. At that point I noticed the front wheel of our stroller was not turning making it a bit tricky to navigate through the store. I was having to pick up the front wheel everytime I wanted to turn. Not literally with my hand mind you but just like you would have to on a lot of older jogging strollers. 

Anyhoo…moving right along. Or actually not moving. So at this point the baby was screaming. I tried holding him to settle him down but as soon as I put him back in the stroller he cried. I noticed that the front wheel was locked so I turned the little knob on the front wheel of the stroller to release the pin so the wheel would move but it still wouldn’t turn. So now the baby is screaming, I’m pissed because our new stroller is apparently no good, and I haven’t even made it past the item of the week section at the front of the store. I contemplated going out to the car to get my chest carrier for the baby but how in the heck are you supposed to try on clothes with a baby strapped to your chest. Makes it a bit awkward to try on shirts I suppose.

At this point I felt like crying so I packed it in and we headed out to the car. I decided to head over to the Starbucks drive thru for a little treat to brighten my day. I was hoping by time my drink was in my hand the baby would have stopped crying so I could go next door to Goodwill to look for some picture frames. { I am working on a picture wall in the dining room} No such luck though he was still crying. So off I drove with no clue what I was supposed to do now.

Awesome. This is wonderful. I am an hour into my “break” and so far I have gone to the library and to a store where the only thing I looked at was my stroller wheel. I am paying someone to watch my toddler while I drive around town sipping on my icy coffee beverage and listen to my baby wail. Good times. 

Before I gave up I decided I would perhaps attempt to go to TJ MAXX/Home Goods. I didn’t need anything but I figured the point of this break was to do whatever I wanted to do or something I couldn’t do with two kids in tow. So  I strapped the baby into the chest carrier and away we went. In the end I found a new planter for our front porch. It was similar to the $99 planter I wanted at Lowe’s only it was $30. Score. I just need to paint it black and it will be good to go. 

So all in all my outing wasn’t at total failure but it wasn’t exactly stress free either! I’m thinking next time I will suck it up and  just leave the bebe with the sitter too. Then I will board a plane to Hawaii for a vacay for one. Then I could go for my semi-annual pedicure or my twice a decade massage. 🙂 Or I could just meet up with a friend for coffee.  That would be fun too.

** The stroller wheel was not actually broken but I just needed to lube up a pin that helps the wheel to swivel.  That puppy corners like it’s on rails now.