So if you need help baby proofing your house I could send over the little buddy. I had the wonderful idea to pack up my little people posse and take lunch to a friend who just had a baby. I swear that little buddy literally touched EVERYTHING he could reach in the living room. And after that he moved onto the nursery. Sorry Riley! I kept picking up things and moving them to higher ground. I told my friend Melissa that now she knew exactly everything she was going to have to “put up” in a year or so when she has to baby proof her house. HA! Aren’t kids fun?!?

Today was the day of new babies because we also went to see another new little friend this afternoon. My wonderful friend Kelly just had her second baby last week. Kelly and I got to hang out and nurse and little buddy and song bird got to play together. Little buddy was pretty much in heaven because there were trikes, scooters, and cars galore. There was this one pink scooter that he stood on for a long time. Even though he couldn’t make it move, he loved it! He was also pretty fascinated with this tiny pink cup. He kept dipping it into the kiddie pool to fill it up and then would dump the water into a nearby bucket. I had a wonderful time and so did little buddy. I was amazed at how well the kids played together. They didn’t really snatch each others toys that much but played together or along side each other. Pretty impressive for two toddlers!