In less than 24 hours the Hubs shall return. Freaking finally! HOORAY! The last three and half weeks have been LONG! And I even had my dad here helping me for 13 days. It’s weird but in some ways this separation has seemed longer than the 7.5 month deployment we endured. I know that sounds crazy. I guess throwing kids into the mix really changes things. 

I feel like so much has happened since the Hubs has been gone. First off the baby has really changed. He went from a newborn to a baby in a matter of weeks. The baby started sleeping through the night too while Hubs was away. How does Hubs manage to miss out on that? He left a few weeks after the little buddy was born too and came home to a baby that slept through the night. I better get a really super, awesome mother’s day present this year! Just kidding…sort of.

And boy has the little buddy changed too. I’ve mentioned that he has almost doubled his vocabulary and he seems to have gone through a growth spurt too. He has started being somewhat helpful lately. If I ask him to grab me a burp cloth about 80% of the time he actually finds one and brings it to me. {This is particularly helpful when your baby has upchucked two days worth of feedings down your shirt and all over himself as well.}Unfortunately lately the little buddy has also started being defiant and really testing limits. This part is not so much fun and I am glad Hubs will be home soon to help me in the area of discipline.

I hope Hubs will recognize me because I guess I have really changed too. I was able to achieve some washboard abs while Hubs was gone and drop all of my baby weight. Actually, not so much. I ran twice, walked once and did crunches a few random times here and there. And in the past two days I have scarfed down almost a whole entire thing of brownies. YIKES! {I hope some of my energy comes back soon so I can actually workout more.}

I am sure tempted to runaway as soon as Hubs walks in the door. I feel like I could use a vacay. I might head to Hawaii and crash with my friend Heather for a few weeks. Not really ,but a momma can dream right? 🙂