On Thursday we had quite an eventful morning. We had to say goodbye to a dear friend a mostly dead tree that was living in our backyard. We also had pretty much all of the substantial trees in our yard trimmed back. As you can probably imagine the LB was pretty entertained by the three big trucks that took over our property for the better part of three hours. 


He kept going from window to window to check out what was going on.



We got to watch as the “big tree” was knocked over. I told him that the big tree was going to go “boom” and he kept going ” boom” all afternoon hours after the tree “guys” were gone.

Now you see it.


Now you don’t.




Can I just say that it is real fun to pay a hefty chunk of change and not get anything tangible that you can hold in your hand. It’s not like we had the yard landscaped or got something new out of the deal. Sure,  we gained the peace of mind that our dying tree wouldn’t topple over on our house in the event that we have another freak snow storm or a mighty windy day. But still it’s not fun to pay someone to take something away. I just love me some home ownership. Well actually I do really love owning our own home.

Well we did get one thing. A boat load of firewood.

CIMG1517Which should come in handy the next time our power goes out for two days and we need to use the ol’ wood burning stove!