Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. This week has been a doozy. Let me pause and catch my breath. _________________________________________ Ok I am good now. As you can tell I am way behind on blogging. The little buddy has been sick for the past week so that put me out of commission. Can I just say that it is hard to care for two kiddos when one of them is sick. The LB wanted to be held a lot but it is sort of hard to hold a toddler when you are nursing and have a boppy in your lap. Fortunately the LB doesn’t seem to mind just sitting on the boppy while I am nursing. I am not too sure that the baby enjoys his older brother practically sitting on his face while he tries to nurse. Thankfully the baby has yet to be suffocated by his older brothers hiney.

I am just thankful that LB² or the Hubs or I didn’t get sick too. The pediatrician said the baby should be safe since he is breast feeding. Thank goodness for that. I finally got to use up some of my back stock of frozen breast milk this week. I missed a few feeding here and there while I was taking the LB to the doctor. I knew there was a reason I was pumping. It sure is nice to have an emergency milk supply for your baby. 

And on a completely random note……If you have emailed me in the last week or so and I have failed to email you back then too bad. Just kidding! I am so sorry but I have had little time for email this week. I was wrapping up some last minute baby shower details in addition to caring for the LB. I will try to email you back within the next few days if I don’t end up deleting everything in my inbox just so I can instantly cross “email” off my “to do” list. just kidding. sort of.

Well folks I am off to go put my feet up and relax. I am going to pretend my floors aren’t semi sticky from throw-up residue, my toddler is sleeping {instead of chunking his books over the bed railing}, and that my kitchen is not a disaster. 

Happy weekend ya’ll!