This morning my little people posse and I attended our last MOPS meeting for the year. How is this possible? It seems like yesterday I wrote this post about the lack of a MOPS groups in my area. Lucky for me my friend D started a MOPS group at her church this past fall. 

Our MOPS group may be small but boy are they sure a great group of ladies. I always have the best time when we meet. Who wouldn’t have fun hanging out with friends{and fellow moms}, eating delicious brunch-y food, and listening to great speakers or making a fun project? Did I mention that we are kid free for       T W O   W  H O L E  hours? Well some of us aren’t exactly kid free because we have our nursing babes with us but we are toddler free.

It is so refreshing to get to spend two hours doing something for me. I definitely leave encouraged by the other moms I have been around and ready to tackle and embrace my role as mother with a whole new enthusiasm. And did I mention the food? 🙂

I am already looking forward to August when MOPS will start back up. We do have a few summer activities on the calendar if you are in my area and want to join us. You can check out our calendar of events here.