A few weeks ago I was in our main hallway bathroom getting ready for the day. I had just finished putting on my make-up and went to wash my hands. As soon as I turned on the faucet things went downhill real fast. For some unknown reason the handle went flying off and water started shooting out in gyser form straight up to the ceiling. Once the water hit the ceiling it then shot down again at my head. And on it’s way up it hit the lightbulbs in the light fixture. And of course these bulbs where piping hot and the water was cool. So now throw shattering glass into the equation. Needless to say this commotion scared the crap out of me and I hollered for Hubs while simultaneously bolting as fast as I could out of the bathroom. Luckily Hubs came a runnin’ and was able to turn the water off quickly. Unfortunately we were still left with a huge mess and a broken sink.

Now this would have been annoying had it happened on any ol’ random Saturday but this particular day we had some friends coming over. Actually they had just flown in from D.C. and were in route from the airport. AWESOME! Luckily the hubs is handy and all. He rushed out to the home improvement store to get a new faucet while I stayed behind and mopped up the flood. He managed to install the new faucet and have everything cleaned up fifteen whole minutes before our friends arrived. And somehow the baby slept threw all this commotion. I don’t know how because between me screaming. light bulbs shattering, water gushing, Hubs tinkering with the faucet and LB banging metal tools on the ground we were making quite a racket! I’m just thankful that Hubs was home and in town during this excitement. Can you imagine if he hadn’t been home?!?