Hello internet peeps. Just thought I would pop in and say hi. And while I’m here I figure I better give you a quick update on what has been going on ’round here.

Truth be told there is actually not too much new to report. We’ve been having a really laid back summer so far. Isn’t that how summer should be? The biggest happening of the summer to date is that hubs got promoted to Lieutenant a few weeks back. There was a little promotion ceremony that the boys and I attended. I got to pin on his new LT. bars. Apparently it is tradition for the wives to do that. Not “wives” as in multiple wives per officer. Maybe I should say the “wife” of the officer. Whew… that’s better. Now where was I. Oh yeah…..Here are a few pics of our little family after the ceremony. You got to love how none of us are looking in the same direction. This is what happens when you have like six people trying to take your picture at once. HA!



Doesn’t Grammy look like such a little man? Oh, I am just so in love with this little guy. He is just absolutely the sweetest thing ever. Obviously he takes after me.  I am amazed at how much he has changed in the last month or so. Gone is my newborn that only nurses, sleeps, and poo’s. These days he is reaching for everything. He reached for my glass of sweet tea the other day. I need to slow down and cherish this time when he is still a baby because before I know it he will be TWO!

And speaking of two. The LB just turned 2 last week.  Seriously, I don’t know where the time has gone but my baby is already two? Before his birthday I asked him if he knew his birthday was coming up soon. He replied, “Ya!” And then I asked him how old he was going to be and he said, “Cake!” Oh well at least that boy has his priorities straight!

Ok, on to more happenings. We of course attended the annual 4th of July neighborhood parade. There were more people/kids in the parade than there actually were watching it. I felt so bad for the little kids but I don’t think they noticed one little bit. They were just happy to ride their streamer decorated bikes and chunk candy at the four little kids who came out to watch the show. I was busy taking a video of the whole parade and almost didn’t even notice that there was one thing missing.


To be honest the ONLY reason I attend the neighborhood parade is for the lawn chair ladies.  I wonder what happened to my beloved lawn chair ladies? Hubs said there probably weren’t enough ladies who volunteered to do it this year. Dang it. I bet they were one lady short and I let them down by not offering to fine tune my lawnchair skillz and join them in making a fool of themselves all the fun. Oh well. There’s always next year. Next summer will be our last summer in GA so I might as well go out with a bang don’t ya think? 

Well I gotta run but I’ll leave you with one last picture of my newest little guy!