I think I mentioned a while back that I wanted to make a chalkboard tray. I first saw this project on Shannon’s blog. {Love her blog by the way!} I knew right away that I wanted to try it but it took me months to come across a tray that I thought would work. I finally snagged a small silver tray at our local Goodwill. It cost me a whoppin $1.71!! You can’t beat that!

I used a small foam brush to apply chalkboard paint to my tray.  I didn’t tape off the edges around the tray because I was able to free hand it pretty easily since my tray had a slightly raised outer edge.  I think I ended up applying three coats of paint to my tray.  When the paint was dry I  turned a small piece of chalk on it’s side and then rubbed it all over my tray to condition the chalkboard paint. Don’t forget this step if you make your own tray because it helps the paint not to chip off your tray!!

Here is how my tray turned out.



I love the beading detail around the edges of the tray. I decided to hang mine with some ribbon in my kitchen window.  {Please don’t tell me if it looks ridiculous here! Just go with it. I’ve run out of kitchen wall space.}


My tray is a little on the heavy side so Hubs helped me rig it up with some tape that is for heat ducts{or something or rather}. I had so much fun making my chalkboard tray. I must say that chalkboard paint is super fun! I will of course be on the lookout for more things I can transform with a few coats of chalkboard paint. Maybe in the meantime I will learn how to have prettier handwriting so my tray looks nicer!

:: Edited:: I added a bow to my ribbon and am loving my chalkboard tray even more now!