Last week we traveled out to beautiful Colorado to spend some time with Hubs side of the family. It was a fun time of just hanging out and spending quality time with grandparents, cousins and siblings!

The twins finally got to meet each other at last. In case you don’t recall, their birthdays are only three day apart.


They had so much fun getting to have 24/7 tummy time together. How fun it would be to live in the same town and watch these two grow up together. {Darn that Navy for telling us where we have to live.}

While we were in Colorado our nephew celebrated his 6th birthday! We got to attend his birthday party which was special because we have never gotten to be with him on any of his birthdays before.



The Twins spent the entire party just chillin in the BOB. Their Pa pushed them around the party festivities for pretty much the duration of the whole party. It must be nice to be a baby huh? 🙂


LB enjoyed getting to be with his cousins. The last time they saw each other was at Christmas and they have all changed so much since then.


Lb has a cousin {the cute blondie in the middle} that is just slightly older than him. I was kind of worried they might fight over toys and what not the whole trip but they did so well together.  Who knew two toddlers could co-mingle so well together for an entire week?!?


Lb got to bunk with his 6th yr old cousin which he thought was just too fun. Now every night when we put him to bed he asks for his cousin by name. He doesn’t quite get that they live in another state apparently. Poor kid!

As you can imagine with that many kiddos under one roof we didn’t get out and about too much. It seemed someone was always nursing or napping. But we did manage to get out for a little fun.

One afternoon we went on a short hike.



We also took the older kids rafting on the Animas River. Don’t worry the water was so low and pretty much barely moving. So in other words, it was perfect for a rafting trip with toddlers! This was the second time Hubs and I rafted down this river so it was ok that our float was very leisurely this go round. And of course the LB LOVED it!!

All and all we had a wonderful time in CO. I did forget to mention one thing. There was literally NO HUMIDITY and cooler temps than what we are used to in HOTLANTA. You know I was loving that!!!